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The brief story of “I-INC”

The English name I-INC is composed of “I” and “INC”. The “I” emphasizes the feelings of individual use of technological appliances while INC is the abbreviation of Incorporation, which focuses on the determination and innovation qualities of human orientation production.

LCD monitors is a high-tech product in small volume and light weight. It saves energy with low electromagnetic radiation, completely meeting the global environmental protection trend. Therefore, I-INC is the brand and it is our wish to bring more advanced, environmentally friendly and healthy life of technology to the people all over the world with the brand.


Seventy percent of sense organ receivers of the human body are in the eyes! Vision runs through green fields and high mountains to the other side of the world.

Either with “I” incorporation or “eye” incorporation, I-INC wishes to open a window to make lives of people richer and more vivid!

In the coming world of liquid crystal, we always believe: the existence of I-INC is for the window of access free, no distance and close to the nature of our next generation.