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Microsoft Windows 7™

How do I know if my monitor is fully compatible to run under Windows 7™?

Microsoft™ states that, the term "compatibility" refers to whether a hardware manufacturer supports their device on Windows 7™. As with all versions of Windows™, I-Inc will continue to support our monitors with Windows 7™. Please download the Windows Upgrade Advisor to help you identify the compatibility of other hardware/software on your computer that may effect how you monitor functions.

I am having display problem using Windows 7™?

When you encounter display problems using Windows 7™:

  1. Make sure your PC (Hardware requirement) can support Windows 7™ using the Windows Upgrade Advisor

  2. If your video card supports Windows 7™, install the latest driver of your video card –- Video card drivers are not normally provided by Microsoft™, however Microsoft has provided instructions on their website. -> Driver Update

I am having problem showing the correct maximum display resolution on my LCD monitor using Window 7™?

Recommend resolutions and native resolutions vary, depending on the your computer system, video card and monitor. The native resolutions for our monitors are:

28” – 1920x1200 @60Hz

22” – 1680x1050 @60Hz

17” – 1280x1024 @75Hz

25” – 1920x1080 @60Hz

19”W – 1440x900 @75Hz

17”W-1440x900 @75Hz

23” – 1920x1080 @60Hz

19”Standard – 1280x1024 @75Hz


Microsoft™ has provided instructions for this issue as well. -> Best Resolution

I have a black screen after installing Windows 7™?

It is suggested to do the following :

  1. The easiest test is to try this monitor on another PC and if it shows an image, then the problem is most likely with the Windows 7™ installation/setup.

  2. Detach all unnecessary external devices from your PC such as scanner, printer or removable storage device.

  3. Reboot the system and keep pressing F8 key until the Windows startup menu appears on the screen.

  4. Select the minimum 640 x 480 display resolution.

  5. Install the latest Windows 7™ video driver and Reboot the system. ->Driver Update

I cannot get the maximum resolution of my monitor (with Windows 7™ logo) using Windows 7™?

If you are sure that the hardware of your PC, including the video card and drivers are fully compatible with Windows 7™ and still cannot get the right maximum display resolution of your monitor (monitor is with Windows 7™ logo).  You are advice to contact the nearest service center for assistance.

How do I setup full display?

Some of the video cards have an option to select FULL screen option and need to enable to get FULL screen using the image settings in the On Screen Display (OSD) Menu.

Recommended helpful links:







Maintenance Information:

How do I clean the cabinet?

Disconnect the power and signal cables before cleaning. Wipe the outer shell with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth (apply a small amount of non-ammonia, non-alcohol based glass cleaner if necessary). To avoid damage to the coating, never use alcohol, methanol, gasoline, or oil products on the outer shell.

How do I clean the screen?

Disconnect the power and signal cables before cleaning. Wipe the screen with a dry, clean, soft, lint-free cloth to remote dust and fingerprints. You must never use ammonia or alcohol based cleaners as they may damage the screen and void your warranty.

Post-sales service information & Troubleshooting:

What is your policy on dead/bright/stuck pixels?

Smaller than 15 inch: 5 bright sub-pixels, 5 dark sub-pixels, or a combination of 8

17 inch – 19 inch: 5 bright sub-pixels, 5 dark sub-pixels, or a combination of 8

20 inch and above: 5 bright sub-pixels, 5 dark sub-pixels, or a combination of 8

All screen sizes: No more than 2 adjacent defective pixels are allowed in the viewable screen area.

How do I contact customer service?

Should the need for service arise, please contact I-Inc Customer Service at (888) 807-8808 or email: mailto:service@i-inc-usa.com

The sound from the speakers is weak. What can I do?

The built in speakers are not intended to replace a full-range sound system. However, adjusting the volume of the Operating System and/or application on your computer and in the OSD of the monitor should provide adequate sound for day to day use.

Does I-Inc provide Windows (or other) drivers?

No Operating System specific drivers should be necessary. I-Inc monitors comply with DD2B plug & play standards.

There is no picture, no LED, or the picture is poor.

Use the following trouble shooting steps:

  1. Check that the power cable is properly connected.

  2. Check that the DVI or VGA is securely connected at both the PC and the monitor.

  3. Perform a factory reset in the monitor OSD (consult your manual for instructions)

  4. Ensure the PC is not in power save mode as indicted by an amber LED.

  5. Set the resolution of your Operating for 1280x 1024 and refresh rate at 60 Hz. Consult your Operating System manual for specific instructions.

  6. If the issue remains, contact I-Inc Customer Service at (888) 807-8808 Mon - Fri 8:00am to 5:00pm (EST)
    or email:

There is an image "Burnt" into my LCD monitor.

LCD monitors are subject to image retention which is different from “burn in”. Unlike actual burn in of plasma screens, image retention is usually easily corrected. If you do see image retention on your screen, unplug the monitor for 48 hours or use a moving screen saver overnight instead of turning off the power. This will usually correct the problem.

To avoid having image retention, you should never keep a still image on your screen for extended periods of time. If you must keep your monitor on, use a screen saver. If possible set your monitor to drop into standby or suspend mode after twenty or thirty minutes of inactivity.

I-Inc Information

Who is I-Inc?

I-Inc is the maker and distributor of LCD based products such as televisions and monitors.

Did I-Inc just start making computer monitors? What other product do you make?

I-Inc is one of the largest LCD panel makers in the world and has been making quality monitors for the past 10 years under OEM brands of major IT companies. Although available in Asia for several years, our line of LCD monitors is newly introduced to the USA market under the I-Inc brand. We also make LCD televisions and other consumer electronics products.

Recycle Information

I-Inc encourages all of its customer to recycle their used computer monitors and televisions. Residents of Maine please see below:

Beginning July 20, 2006, all waste computer monitors and televisions generated by households in Maine must be recycled (unless shipped out of state for disposal). Please contact your local municipality for information about how and where to recycle your computer monitors and television sets in your area. Fore more information about Maine’s electronic waste law, please visit the Maine Department of Environmental Protection website at


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